Author: Charles H. Meighan

What Is Waste Managment And Its  Hierarchy

Everything that humans do produce a certain kind of waste that may or may not be harmful to the environment. It is for the same reason that waste management is necessary that is now considered a field of study science. Waste management is not simply picking up your garbage and throwing it into your bins. It is a process that involves collecting, transporting, processing, recycling and/or disposing of waste products. Waste management is necessary, especially in the world today where heavy use of packaging is needed. If proper disposal of waste is neglected, the possibility of harming the health...

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Why Industries Should Practice Proper Waste Management

Producing a product at the end of the production line requires a certain amount of raw materials and energy. Such production will surely result in industrial and commercial wastes, which a company does not really have the time to handle on their own. Different legislation and laws are implemented all over the world to correct such flaw in the industrial world. These laws are designed to collect fines and taxes to companies that are not following the rules regarding helping the environment and proper waste management. These taxes and fines are being used to aid environmental protection and restoration...

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What do the Animals do when no One is Looking?

What is ANIMAL Tracking? Wildlife Tracking offers participants an exciting opportunity to learn first-hand about the ways of the badger, fox, hare and other native species found in South Kerry. Tracking gives you the ability to look into the day-to-day life of animals, what they eat, how they act, and how they interact within the ecosystem. Guided by skilled tracking instructors from IPNA, participants learn first hand about using the skills of a tracker to understand the activities of wildlife and their relationships with other parts of the landscape in which they live. What is Nature Awareness? Have you...

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Improving the Home With a Dumbwaiter

Finding a way to make chores around the home easier is very important. These devices are especially handy for caretakers or house cleaners because it is possible to do more work in less time. They are often designed to allow access to all areas of a home, sometimes with more than three stops. In addition to being very popular at home, they are also commonly used in businesses, such as restaurants or car manufacturers. The electric dumbwaiter is fairly new, with the first one being developed in the eighteen hundred, but the manual dumbwaiter is much older. Manual dumbwaiters...

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