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Exploring Things for Children

Outdoor play is a much needed activity in the early childhood. Play is the building block of a child’s intellectual skills.  They believe that it was through social interaction with more experienced and more knowledgeable members of the society – parents, relatives, teachers, peers. Play is primary way children express their social nature. [read the review on Preservation of the Environment] Enjoying Life Play offers a meaningful context for children and that it is only when a situation has meaning and purpose that children can function at a higher level. Children learn to be more empathy and less egocentric...

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Preservation of the Environment

There are ways to preserve the Earth from severe destruction. People must help one another in preventing the causes of the destruction. People must be aware of the consequences of their actions and they also must know to take good care of this planet. [read the review on A Safe Environment A Safe Environment] By taking good care of this planet, they must know how to preserve the cleanliness of the environment. People must know how to segregate the garbages from the biodegradable and non – biodegradable. It will be easier to recycle the garbages and going to use...

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A Safe Environment

Taking good care of the marine life will be valuable enough to the fishermen because they need it for their everyday life. It can also help the people to be aware of their activities to their environment. And, because of this, people must be sensitive to the feelings of the marine life. [read the review on Advocates of Change] In addition to this, marine life can be of great help to the mankind. It can help us to relax from work by fishing during weekends together with their families and loved ones, It will help the people to realize...

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Advocates of Change

Nowadays, people must be an advocate to change the treatment of the Earth. They must be able to fight for the rights of the environment, in order to preserve their beauty and vastness. They will able to prevent any upcoming danger to the nature. [read the review on Save Nature, Save the Future] People must know how to take good care of the environment so that it will not bring harm to the people. They must be sensitive to them because it will be a great help if calamity strikes a certain place. People must be observant enough in...

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Save Nature, Save the Future

Survival will be man’s greatest reason to face and act on the environmental problems that have stricken the earth today.  He must protect his shelter and resources to continue to exist. Habitat destruction is the main reason why other living creatures have abandoned a certain place or have gone extinct.  Animals need food and shelter just like mankind.  If they are deprived of these basic needs, they withdraw themselves and go somewhere where they can find subsistence.  Worse, if they can no longer find a place where they can survive, they cease to live. [read the review on The Importance...

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