Author: Charles H. Meighan

The Importance of Global Warming

Nowadays, the Earth is experiencing a great deal of global warming. It is gradually affecting the climate of all parts of the world. One thing is for sure, the people must continue to save and protect this planet. They must know how to prevent it from severely damaging this planet. In a normal basis, people can stay under the sun until 9 in the morning because it is still helpful to the skin, but now, people must be careful in staying under the sun because it can give the people severe diseases that can affect the skin and the...

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Global Warming for the Future Generation

At present, the effects of global warming has already brought so much devastation. It is a rapid developing environmental issue. How much more destruction will it bring in the future? Who will be affected the most? Yes, the children of today. As early as possible, it is important that the citizens of tomorrow should be aware of the impending impacts of global warming. In their young minds the importance of taking care of mother nature should be comprehended in the simplest way.For example are, proper waste disposal , recycling and planting trees. [read the review on Effects of Global...

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Effects of Global Warming on the Drinking Supply

We all have been overwhelemed by the devastating effects of global warming especially the occurence of superthyphoons. How about taking a look in the not so talked about effect but as catastrophic also. The diminishing supply of potable water in many areas of the world is also attributed to global warming. Since there is anincrease in seawater level, there is also a proportional increase in seawater absorption in the land areas thereby affecting the ground water supply. [read the review on Reduce Global Warming by Bringing your Own Shopping Bag] In addition, dry spells or the too much heat...

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Reduce Global Warming by Bringing your Own Shopping Bag

Purchased items from grocery stores, pharmacies and local markets usually comes in plastic packaging’s. Plastics are non biodegradable, which means they are difficult to dispose. Most  establishments have resorted to using paper bags instead. The downside is that there are more fragile and its capacity is somewhat limited.Oftentimes they ended up being torn and then things falls apart, how inconvenient. [read the review on Effects of Global Warming on the Drinking Supply] Hence is the importance of bringing your own bag. This may be just a simple gesture but multiply it to the average time an individual buys, and...

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