At present, the effects of global warming has already brought so much devastation. It is a rapid developing environmental issue. How much more destruction will it bring in the future? Who will be affected the most? Yes, the children of today.

As early as possible, it is important that the citizens of tomorrow should be aware of the impending impacts of global warming. In their young minds the importance of taking care of mother nature should be comprehended in the simplest way.For example are, proper waste disposal , recycling and planting trees.

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Proper waste disposal in its simplest is by throwing garbage in the proper place.
In school, using biodegradable supplies and recycling old stuffs are good example.

Lastly trees are mother nature’s shield against the harmful chemicals in our atmosphere and the free manufacturer of unlimited oxygen supply. So planting and taking care of them is a must and this mindset should be inculcated in our children. load more