Survival will be man’s greatest reason to face and act on the environmental problems that have stricken the earth today.  He must protect his shelter and resources to continue to exist.

Habitat destruction is the main reason why other living creatures have abandoned a certain place or have gone extinct.  Animals need food and shelter just like mankind.  If they are deprived of these basic needs, they withdraw themselves and go somewhere where they can find subsistence.  Worse, if they can no longer find a place where they can survive, they cease to live.

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Plants, trees, and those that live on ground also need food to live, produce and reproduce.  Water, sunlight and soil are their elementary needs.  Yet, climate change has affected these beings.  Too much heat and less rain has resulted to drought, thus, scanted the ground with water.  The damage in the ozone layer brought by industrialization has also affected every living creature.  This stratosphere layer could no longer protect living creatures from too much heat from the sun.  Notice that nowadays especially during summer, a notable part of forests, rice fields and crops plantations wither and burn.

If these living creatures cease to exist, man will get extinct at the same time.  If you want to survive, you need to do something about these problems.  Save the nature for your future.  visit actforourfuture for more