What is ANIMAL Tracking?

Wildlife Tracking offers participants an exciting opportunity to learn first-hand about the ways of the badger, fox, hare and other native species found in South Kerry. Tracking gives you the ability to look into the day-to-day life of animals, what they eat, how they act, and how they interact within the ecosystem.
Guided by skilled tracking instructors from IPNA, participants learn first hand about using the skills of a tracker to understand the activities of wildlife and their relationships with other parts of the landscape in which they live. What is Nature Awareness?

Have you ever wondered what nature is like when you are not there? What do the animals do when no one is looking?

By developing and enhancing your awareness of your natural surroundings, one minimizes the impact and the disturbance one makes as they walk in the woods. This allows you to be in nature without nature knowing that you are there. This is how professional photographers get the picture of a fox licking its paws, or a deer nursing her young. Nature Awareness is also developing and honing your own five senses enabling you to interact with the world around you in ways that are new and exciting.

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We all can hear the songs and calls of the birds. But did you know that the birds communicate between themselves, the animals around them? Through this bird language ancient hunters were able to move silently through the wilderness without being detected. How is it that so many animals live in the woods near you but are seldom seen? They listen to the birds who see you coming and who send off alarms calls to the forest community. By the time you arrive all of the animals have long since disappeared.

Do you want to interact with nature on a more profound level? Do you want to get close enough to the deer to watch them in their day beds without them seeing you? Learning the language of the birds will put you on that path to nature observation.ANIMAL Tracking, BIRD LANGUAGE and Nature Awareness Weekend
This introduction to Animal Tracking, Nature Awareness and Bird Language offers hands on experience in track identification, sign tracking, learning the language of birds and nature awareness. Students will learn to identify their own baseline awareness and how to expand and enhance their connection to nature and the world around them.

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